Laser Safety

Basic Laser Safety Awareness Training with ORS

Every person using QBIC’s confocal microscopes are required to complete the Office for Research Safety’s Basic Laser Safety Awareness training. This Laser Safety training is good for one year, and re-training will be required after that. Visit the ORS website for more information. This is a Blackboard course for which you can register on the ORS website.  If you are renewing your Laser Safety training, you have the option to take the Advanced Laser Safety Awareness Training if you want.

Laser Safety Registration in ISIS

New User

Once you have completed the laser safety course, you will now need to register on ISIS.   In ISIS, you will select ‘lab worker’ and your Principle Investigator.  Then under ‘ORS Forms,’ you will locate ‘Laser Operator Registration.’   You will create a new Registration form and when it asks for the Investigator/Supervisor who is responsible for the laser, you will choose QBIC from the list. (This is very important so pay close attention). When you have completed the registration form, Becky or Tom will e-sign the form and you will be approved by ORS for using lasers in QBIC.

Existing User/ Renewing Registration

You already have a form created under QBIC.  In ISIS, go to ‘ORS forms’ then to ‘Laser Operator Registration.’    Go to ‘Edit’ and review the information.  Then you will see a button next to QBIC saying, ‘Submit to ORS.’

**Questions? Contact Becky**